Melatonin Supplement Guide: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects

Melatonin Supplements

Melatonin supplements are a widely popular sleep aid. While the melatonin is produced in a lab, it is similar to the melatonin naturally produced by the body and, therefore, can effectively increase melatonin levels and regulate the sleep-wake cycle.   Article at a Glance As a supplement, melatonin has not been thoroughly studied and there […]

Is Melatonin Addictive?


Common over-the-counter and prescription sleep medications come with the risk of addiction/dependence, usually as a result of the body’s increased tolerance and diminished response to the medicine after prolonged use. Melatonin, on the other hand, does not seem to have the same adverse effect on the body. The long-term benefits and side effects of melatonin […]

What are The Melatonin Side Effects?


The side effects of melatonin are infrequent and typically minimal, based on available anecdotal and clinical evidence. There are many important questions that still need to be answered regarding the safety, benefits, and risks of melatonin use. Is melatonin bad for you, especially when it’s taken for a long period? Can too much melatonin hurt […]

Melatonin vs. Serotonin: What’s the Difference?


Is there a formula to a good night’s sleep? When we look at the process of sleep as the result of hormone functions, then we can say that the formula to quality slumber involves the complementary functions of melatonin and serotonin. Let’s look more closely at melatonin vs. serotonin and the different roles they play […]

Melatonin and Circadian Rhythm Disorder

Circadian rhythm

Melatonin and circadian rhythm always go hand in hand, so a problem with one will naturally cause a problem in the other. Circadian rhythm disorder comes in different forms, and each of these has different causes. But melatonin plays a role in all forms of circadian rhythm disorder, which means melatonin can also help with […]

How to Increase Melatonin? 4 Natural Ways

increase melatonin

There are many natural remedies for sleep problems, and science is quickly discovering that some of these therapies work by causing an increase in the body’s melatonin secretion. If you’re still looking for an effective solution to your sleep problems, knowing how to increase melatonin in your body through natural means may be the answer.  […]

Melatonin Pros and Cons That You Should Know


Beyond delivering deep and peaceful slumber, melatonin supplements may offer a host of other benefits. At the same time, you should also be aware of the possible drawbacks of this widely popular supplement. Let’s take a closer look at and weigh some melatonin pros and cons. Article at a Glance Studies have shown that melatonin […]

Is Melatonin Safe for Kids? Here’s What Experts Say

Melatonin for kids

Melatonin is naturally produced by the body — in the brain, to be more specific — and it’s main function is to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Taking a melatonin supplement to help address sleep problems should, therefore, be safe, right? Many adults take melatonin supplements to get relief from insomnia, counter jet lag, or when […]

Why Melatonin Is Good for Your Skin?

Melatonin for skin

Melatonin and sleep go hand in hand; in fact, melatonin supplements are popular snooze pills. As one of the primary hormones that regulates your body’s circadian rhythms (our 24-hour internal clock), melatonin is the brain’s response to darkness to stimulate sleep. But melatonin is also involved in other biological functions; in this article, we will […]

Is It Safe to Vape Melatonin?

Vape Melatonin

From simply being a smoke-cessation method, vaping has evolved into a delivery mechanism for some natural remedies that are ideal for vaping liquid formulation. Vaping facilitates direct absorption of vaporized substances into the bloodstream and, thus , produces immediate effects in the body — does this mean that you can vape melatonin to help you […]